Frank Ginsberg
Founder, Chairman, CEO

Page Six calls Frank Ginsberg an advertising guru. Over the years a lot of other labels have gotten affixed to him too.

Stuart Grau
Chief Global Strategic Officer

The agency's thinker-in-chief. And the calmest, most collaborative voice in the day-to-day chaos that is AFG&.

Joe Petruccio
Chief Creative Officer

In all of advertising today, there are maybe two dozen top creative directors who truly get it.

Dawn Terrazas
Group Managing Director

At AFG&, Dawn is, for many of our clients, that all-important first call.

Agostino Colotti

When he first got out of college, Augie wanted to be a copywriter.

Bob Piwinski
Executive Group Account Director

Relationships are at the very core of our business, and Bob's relationship with key AFG& client Lorillard goes back more than 30 years.

Amy Adams
Executive Group Managing Director

How can we do this differently? How can we do this better? Why isn't anyone responding to my midnight e-mails?

Tara Decoursey
Group Managing Director

Understanding the difference between 'hearing' and listening'.

Ted Silverstein
Chief Digital Officer

Bringing 20 years experience in digital strategy, innovation, creative, marketing, and management.