Dewar’s was facing a category-wide problem. As younger drinkers gravitated toward the growing beer market and clear spirits, scotch whisky was falling out of favor. Dewar’s needed to connect with their target before the brand became a thing of the past.

Rekindling a Connection

Our competitors and the entire category’s communications felt dark and outdated. By shining a light on the detailed craft of every bottle of Dewar’s we moved the brand into the future, speaking to our target’s affinity for things well made. And to continue to engage in more meaningful ways, we developed master classes to educate in a way that resonated with our consumers. Going beyond just tastings, we brought in their lifestyle-interests as well, featuring food pairings and again highlighting the brand’s crafted style.

Focus on younger generation

Reimagining how whisky could be communicated and focusing on what mattered most to the younger generation helped us grow not just the brand, but the entire category. 

Sales increase of 40%

Sales went up 40% and Dewar’s 12 became the fastest growing deluxe scotch in the United States.

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