As the creator of the world’s most aspirational pieces of jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels was long synonymous with refinement, glamour, and grace. But over time, the brand’s shine faded and it was time to bring the luster back.

Inspired by Nature

We found our inspiration in the wonder and beauty of nature. We saw that the parallels were perfect. Nature’s shapes were both complex and beautifully simple, just like these exquisite pieces of jewelry. With a fresh conceptual approach completely new to the category, we told captivating visual stories about the harmonies of nature and jewelry.

While other brands were relying on the borrowed interest of celebrity endorsements, we put the spotlight back on these powerful pieces, making it the star of one of the most iconic, longest running jewelry campaigns of all time.

Within the first six years of the campaign, global sales doubled, exceeding $150M. The campaign has stood the test of time and continues to run today, still powerful, still right, still inspired by our original insights.

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