Pet Food

Felix has long been the furry face of one of Europe’s best known cat foods. But their messaging needed a fresh take. So, how do you breathe new life into a cartoon cat many have gotten used to seeing for years?

Bringing a familiar face to life

Well, you introduce a little fun and mischief to one of London’s most stressful places. Rather than trying to bring consumers to the brand, we brought the brand to consumers in a way they never imagined. For the first time ever, we broke Felix out of his 2D world and set him loose in the bustling Waterloo Station. With the help of 3D graphics and augmented reality, he made himself at home over an entire 40ft digital display, interacting with afternoon commuters and tourists all over the station.

Over 2 Million Online Views

While other brands stayed on the shelf, Felix turned Waterloo into his personal playground. This lovable mischief maker was showered with love, receiving an overwhelming amount of positive comments online with the video quickly gaining over 2 million views. The campaign also won several awards in both the creative and tech categories, brought countless smiles to Londoner’s otherwise stressful commutes and refreshed cat owner’s love for the brand.

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