When no one’s there to listen, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying. Super Derivatives had a better financial pricing product than what was currently available on the market for just a fraction of the price. But with extremely low brand awareness, they needed to find a unique way to reach consumers.

A Super Life in Awareness

We knew we had to be loud to stand out among big players in the category like Bloomberg and Reuters. The answer was right there in the name itself: Super. We created stories that uniquely merged our brand name and our targets’ interests to create truly memorable communications that both looked and sounded super.

Increased Awareness from 4% to 82%

Increased Investor Interest

By telling the Super Derivatives story loud and proud, the brand witnessed an unprecedented lift in awareness. Rising from 4% to 82%, this dramatic jump resulted in Super Derivatives being approached by new businesses, new clients and major investors.

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