Clear Eyes

To help Clear Eyes stand out in a crowded category, AFG& connected with consumers through an emotional approach with our “My Shining Moments” campaign. A multichannel approach featuring Vanessa Williams, and an interactive exhibit at Miami’s Art Basel brought the campaign to life and proved a resounding success, garnering national news stories and helping lift sales as much as 30%. 


Felix, one of Europe’s best know cat food brands, needed a fresh take on their cartoon mascot. AFG& decided it was time to bring the brand to the consumer by bringing Felix out of his two-dimensional world. We set him free in London’s Waterloo Station with the help of 3D artists and augmented reality. The stunt earned numerous creative awards, thousands of smiles and strengthened consumer’s affinity for the brand.


While the entire whisky category was falling out of favor, Dewar’s needed to find a new way to connect with their target. AFG& knew we had to speak to younger drinkers by connecting with their affinity for things well made, and raised the craft of Dewar’s into light. The fresh take rekindled interest and sales went up 40% while Dewar’s 12 became the fastest growing deluxe scotch in the United States. 

​Van Cleef & Arpels

​While other luxury brands were relying on the borrowed interest of celebrity endorsements, AFG& drew inspiration from the perfect parallels between Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and nature – both extraordinarily complex and beautifully simple.  Their iconic pieces became the undeniable focal point of each captivating, visual story.  Within the first six years of the campaign, global sales doubled, exceeding $150M and the campaign is still running as one of the longest-lasting global jewelry campaigns of all time. 

101 Warren

In the world’s most competitive marketplace, how could AFG& make a “building” captivate potential residents with the most discriminating taste and exacting standards?  While other properties talked about square footage and neighborhood benefits, our communications crafted a story around the alluring experience of what living at 101 Warren could be like – a better way of life – a groundbreaking approach that changed the game in the category.  The vision was amplified through a full toolkit, and all residences sold out before construction was even complete.


To attract attention on overcrowded shelves, Parlux needed to communicate their scents in a fresh new way. We went above and beyond simply putting a celebrity face on these perfumes, by letting consumers behind-the-scenes with content that was totally unique for the category. The campaign helped forge a strong connection between the stars and their fans, and as result, our featured scents became best-sellers in the category.


Super Derivatives

When no one’s there to listen, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying. That was the problem AFG& helped Super Derivatives solve. As David in a Goliath-sized market, we leveraged the name ‘super’ to perfectly summarize what Super Derivatives had to offer. We hooked our target by connecting with their interests and in turn saw awareness rise from 4% to 82% and new business opportunities springing up fast.

St. Regis

While St. Regis hotels and resorts were synonymous with old world luxury, taste and sophistication, AFG& set out to redefine “customized luxury” by showcasing the unique offerings of each St. Regis location as a haven for personalized luxuries.  By tapping into the ownable positioning, “Every Need Anticipated,” we captured how each guest’s stay was designed with his or her individual needs and expectations in mind.  Within just 6 months the campaign increased occupancy by 20% and St. Regis was named one of the world’s top luxury experience resorts.

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